In the poorest communities in Kenya,
80% of all girls will attend elementary school.
By high school, less than 6% remain.

Ready to Change a Child's Future?
Give the Gift of Education.

You would do anything to make sure your child has access to a good education. Now, you can do the same for an orphaned or vulnerable child in Guatemala or Kenya. Our successful students need your support in order to attend middle and high school. Just one additional year of education can raise a student’s earning potential by 10%. Child labor rates reduce, health improves, and communities grow safer and stronger. Without sponsorship and scholarships these students will not be able to attend school.
In Guatemala, public education is offered only through sixth grade. Higher education is not a reality for most families due to cost, especially in rural areas.
Many slums and rural areas in Kenya remain without access to high schools. Students pursuing higher education must travel to schools that offer room and board.
Less than 20% of all primary school students in Guatemala will complete their education with a high school diploma.
In Kenya, children must pass a standardized education test in 8th grade in order to be considered for high school enrollment. Our students have an amazing pass rate and are ready to pursue higher education with your support!

There are two great ways to give the gift of education right now.
Higher Education Scholarship Fund
Invest in a student by giving to our Higher Education Scholarship Fund.
This Fund provides urgently needed school funding for students that are waiting for sponsorship. Your gift helps a child who has passed their exams and desperately wants to go to higher education but cannot afford it.
Sponsor a student in our higher education programs
Only $36 a month provides a portion of the essentials needed for half of the school year, from tuition to uniforms, supplies, meals and more. A double sponsorship of $72 a month will provide all of the essentials for the entire year. Sponsors have the choice of sponsoring each student for half of their needs for the year, or for 100% of their needs for a year. 
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Bless a life here by blessing a life there.

Your gift of education may be given in celebration of a special event, like a graduation or birthday! We’ll even send a card in your name to the person you want to honor!
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