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An Evening Overflowing with Hope for Children

We would like to extend a very special "Thank you!" to everyone who attended our 3rd annual Children's Hope Dinner. It was truly a most special evening, and because of the overwhelming generosity of so many, more than $100,000 was raised for ministry to orphans and vulnerable children in the countries we serve! Our friends at Lovell PR shared this media release today! 

When Mission Teams Become Family

They consider him a big brother, a trusted friend, a mentor. For the children at Gan Sabra HIV Home in Aizawl, Mizoram, India, Givorgy is a welcome presence. He and the rest of the team at Westport Church in Oregon have become more than visitors to a faraway land.

The Lost Sheep

 We are honored to share once again the words of Timothy Martiny, friend and fellow missionary in Guatemala. 

Why International Adoptions by Americans Have Hit a 35-Year Low

Red Sails Project Brings Hope and Love to Orphan Graduates

In a small Russian fishing village, a young girl watches wistfully for the ship that will bring true love to her. Her father says she'll know it by its sails of scarlet - words given to him by a wizard years before. All the while, a young nobleman longs for her. When he learns of the legend of the red sails, he decides to make her dreams come true. Painting the sails of his ship, he sets out to sea just to return to harbor - and to love. 

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Update on the Zika Virus

At Orphan Outreach, we are committed to the health and well-being of our mission trip participants who travel with us around the world. We are aware there is growing concern about the outbreak of the Zika virus (which is carried by mosquitos). The virus generally causes mild symptoms, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned pregnant women against travel to many Central and South American and Caribbean nations because there is reason to believe that Zika is related to microcephaly, which can cause brain damage in newborns, but a direct causation has not been identified. More research is to be done to determine causation. As of now we recommend women who are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant to consult with their personal physician on whether or not they should travel to Guatemala or Honduras.

Individuals Trip to Kenya • September 10-20, 2016

Join Orphan Outreach in serving children and families in western Kenya. The children we will serve come from unspeakable conditions, the victims of gross poverty and the HIV/AIDS pandemic. This team will be serving through Bible programming, health education, public health and meeting needs that may arise for the students and staff at Madeleine School. This trip is open to individuals from around the U.S., both non-medical people and medical and dental professionals. Click here to learn more.

news and events

Have you ever thought about traveling to India on a mission trip? Hear directly from the trip participants and India Director about why you should go. #orphanoutreach #india #missiontrip

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