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Director of Missions marvels at God's direction

She works behind-the-scenes, focusing on the smallest of details around the world. For Katherine Cheng, prayer, cute sticky notes, and coffee are invaluable companions at Orphan Outreach's headquarters in Plano, Texas.

Finding God's big picture in the little details

Introducing new Missions Coordinator, Sarah Herbek

Sometimes God places in our heart the desire do big things for little people in far away places. We dream about all we will see Him do there, the lives He might change using us as His tools—and then we remember we have to book airfare.

Can They Count on Us?

The human eye, “A window into our soul,” Shakespeare said. Our eyes can convey despair, detachment, hopelessness, surrender. But they can also convey joy, peacefulness, and hope. In March of this year, I traveled to Guatemala with a mission team from Indiana. We visited local communities and I couldn’t believe what I saw.  Many families lived in wooden shacks with tin roofs that looked much like a chicken coop.  As I stood in one home, my eyes scoured the tiny room where they lived. The Guatemalan family cooked on a table with rusty nails that sprang out of every corner.  They had no running water, let alone clean water.  Chickens and dogs wandered around, they too were starving.

WOW Celebrates Sixth Year of Service to Orphans

2014’s theme for Women for Orphans Worldwide (WOW) has been “Count on Me,” and the auxiliary organization’s charter chapter for Orphan Outreach celebrated the impact of those words at their sixth annual luncheon held recently in Dallas, Texas. Nearly 300 women attended to learn more about the Guatemalan ministries supported by WOW and to honor outstanding work done by students on behalf of orphans and vulnerable children in the Central American country.

Honeymoon on a Mission

Jaymie and Chris Grammer’s wedding looked like a page from a magazine. The September afternoon sunlight filtered through the windows as they took their vows and then danced with friends and family. They toasted to their future and hugged their guests - and then went home to pack duffels with medical supplies, soccer balls and school supplies. Their honeymoon destination? A mission trip to Kenya with Orphan Outreach.

Jubilee Family Team Update

Day 3- First day to visit Jubilee School: What I did not see today was luxury cars, manicured lawns or nice houses.  What I did not see today was an orderly drop off line, perfectly clean and pressed uniforms, or a beautiful campus.  No frantic stay at home moms or professional dads.

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Travel with Orphan Outreach to Honduras • May 2 - 9

Join Orphan Outreach and 121 Community Church in serving children and families at Jubilee Centers International, a Christian school that has been a light in the slum community of La Era since 2009. This trip is also open to individuals from across the U.S. The team will help celebrate and honor the teachers and staff at Jubilee as they approach the end of the school year. They will also spend time ministering in the classrooms at Jubilee through Bible programs, games, and helping teachers with basic subjects.

Pre-order Jimmy Wayne’s new book now.

Imagine being thirteen, in a strange city, hundreds of miles away from home, and your mom abandons you at a bus station, driving off into the night with her lover. 

news and events

We are very excited that more than 260 people attended the 5th annual luncheon to hear what a difference the WOW auxiliary is making for orphans and vulnerable children in Guatemala. Most thrilling of all, more than $50,000 was raised to help with the needs of the children in 2014!

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