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$300 will provide a new stove, water filter, and Bible to a family in Guatemala.

The 89.5 KVNE & 91.3 KGLY mission team is planning to forever change the lives of Guatemalan families by blessing them with a smokeless stove, water filter, Bible and the love of Jesus from our mission team. The families they are serving cook with an open fire and are exposed to severe health hazards from the smoke and the children are at risk of burns every day.

A donation of $300.00 will purchase a stove and water filter system to help the mission team provide hope to these families. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Purchase A Stove & Water Filtration System:

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The Challenge
In Guatemala, an alarming number of children are treated for burns and numerous respiratory problems. The problem is the traditional method of cooking: an open fire within the home resulting in:
  • The leading cause of death in Guatemalan children under the age of 5, is excessive smoke inhalation.
    • In Guatemala 9.7 million people are affected by indoor smoke and 5,100 die each year from smoke inhalation.
    • For families that purchase their firewood, they spend up to 40% of their entire income simply to cook their food.
Our teams install the stoves and water filters, working side by side with families and community members who have contributed part of the cost of the product. The results have been outstanding:
  • The stoves reduce wood consumption by 70% resulting in a major economic benefit and  a better quality of life for families with long-term benefit to the environment.
    • Women who use the stoves gain the equivalent of two days a week in time saved from gathering wood, allowing them time for social and economic activities like going to school and cultivating a vegetable garden.
    • The Gravity Walter Filter ensures 100% removal of parasites such as guinea worm and giardia, and 99.99% removal of pathogenic bacteria such as: cholera, e.coli, and shigella.
Our prayer
Our prayer is that the stove will be a holistic blessing to the families:
  • Safer and healthier living environment
  • Healthier children
  • More opportunities for education
  • More opportunities for church and community engagement

Orphan Outreach is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.