A Love Story
Jan. 19-28, 2011 — Orphan Outreach Mission Trip
Discovery, Research, and Planning trip to Santiago, Cerro De Oro, and Xela, Guatemala and Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

by Bob Beams

One year ago, in January 2010 I saw her. There she was in the Cerecaif Orphanage in Xela, Guatemala. Her name is Everygirl. You have seen her too. She may have been on the cover of a mission magazine from India. She may have been on TV from Africa shown for an appeal for financial assistance. She may have been in Russia on the blog of a missionary. But there she was in Guatemala. This was my Everygirl. God burned an impression on my heart that would never leave. It was one year until I could return, but I thought of her often.
She was four years old in January 2010. She had raven black hair in two pony tails. She looked so cute in her donated clothing - brown pants, green sweater, and worn tennis shoes still showing most of the pink flowers. Dark brown eyes that seemed to search your soul and ask -- do you see me; do I matter; do you love me? Why was she in the orphanage? I didn’t  know. What had she experienced? Was she suffering from rejection, neglect, abuse? Where was she emotionally?

Over the next year I thought of Everygirl often. I prayed for her and the other children but God kept the mental picture of her in my mind constantly. I kept asking God what I could do to bless her. A few months before we left, God told me one of the things He wanted us to do. He wanted us to sing her a love song from Him. As I searched through songs in Spanish on various CD’s, I knew it the first time I heard it because I burst into tears. I learned the words in Spanish. In practicing it, I usually could not finish because I choked up when I imagined her in my mind. In Guatemala, our team practiced it for 4 nights before we sang it in Spanish for the children.

Here we were, January 2011, our last day and last event with the children. Our team of 12 was scattered among the 40 or so children in the room at that time. We led them in singing some childrens songs and then we sang.
We sang a love song to them from God.Me? You saw me?
When no one saw me
Me, you loved me
When no one loved me
You gave me a name
I am your girl
The girl of your eyes
Because you loved me
Me? You loved me ?
Me, you loved me.
I love you more than my life.
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