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Going for the Gold

A recycled laptop, a hemmed skirt, and an artfully designed room can change the world—particularly the world of 60 children at the Little House of Refuge orphanage in Xela, Guatemala. Their benefactors are three North Texas Girl Scouts who traveled with Orphan Outreach and Women for Orphans Worldwide (WOW), July 29–August 3.

A Church in the Pacific Northwest Finds Common Ground Miles from Home

Amy Corbin knows she is in Guatemala as soon as she walks out of the airport and takes a long, deep breath. “I know that sounds funny,” she said, “but the air smells differently. It’s not bad … it’s just Guatemala!”

Next Chapter: St. Petersburg program readies orphans for adulthood

Each year in the Russian Federation, 25,000 teenagers in the state orphanage system collect their meager belongings and head for the exits, too old to remain in the care of the state. Some are as young as 15, others nearly 18.

Update from Liepaja, Latvia

Well our first day of VBS is done at the Day Center. We taught the story of George Muller, a craft on thankfulness and many games. It was encouraging to hear the kids want to know more about the faith and more stories from the life of this faithful servant of Christ. There is a song with the line “I want to live like that.” whenever I think of George Muller’s story, I think to myself, “I want to live like that!”

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Help a child go back to school.

Back-to-school is a time when parents make sure their children have all the supplies they need to have a successful school year. But for the millions of orphans around the world, school is not possible if they do not have someone who can provide for their basic educational needs such as school supplies, uniforms and backpacks.

2,000 Believers Grasp God's Heart for Orphans at Summit VIII

USA (MNN) — Over 100 partners and 2,000 individuals gathered together last Thursday and Friday to discuss how to address one issue: orphan care.

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India Mission Trip

Prayer Request

Pray for the children we serve at the Down Syndrome School in Guatemala City, Guatemala

Pray for the health of the children since it is the rainy season and they are vulnerable to respiratory problems.

Pray for our ministry in Russia

Please pray for the health of our staff, especially Lena, who hurt her ankle earlier this summer and is having a hard time walking. Please pray for their continued health this summer.

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